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for Developer Relations
Tabs or Spaces Platform is is an online learning platform & a community for HR professionals who want to make their companies developer-centric.
What you can learn here
At Tabs or Spaces Platform you will learn the basics and explore advanced techniques in order to make your company developer-centric through online courses.
We also provide additional resources that are geared towards advanced practitioners such as assessments, workshops, and consultations to take your recruting strategy to the next level.
How to make your jobs offers attractive for developers?
Do's and don'ts
How to make your career page on the website oriented for developers?
Design and layout
How to start your developer community?
Tips & strategies
How to organise your first hackathon?
Step by step guide
Tabs or Spaces online platform combines different features. Here are some of them.
Save your time and watch our courses everywhere
We have a team of the experts in Developer Relations who share their knowledge and experience.
Get your certificate after finishing your course
Price of online course is much more affordable compare with the personal consulting.
Our courses are made for HR professionals and cover the most improtant topics for DevRel.
Tech knowledge
We also teach you some basics in tech field in order to understand developers.
Some of our courses:
Here you could checks some of our videos from the experts
Developer Relations Strategy & Best Practics
New territories - How we look for developers abroad, why the local communities are so important, how we approach local universities, and why we love beer
Our community
Join to our community to attend the events about DevRel, listen the podcasts and read articles about developer-cetricity.
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